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tv   Action News  ABC  July 14, 2015 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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♪ "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jim gardner. two of bill cosby's accuser pushing for the truth, finally
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revealing identities hoping that the judge will shed light on a 2005 lawsuit. the big story on "action news," two of bill cosby's accusers revealing their faces and names in a push to bring out more testimony. the two women who say he drugged and assaulted them decades ago want his entire court deposition released. they say it will keep him from discrediting them. sharrie williams live in the satellite center with more. >> the women filed a memorandum today in federal court here in pennsylvania requesting to unseal and release the entire transcript that was given during that deposition of the lawsuit in 2005 brought on by andrea constan. in that deposition the women only known as jane doe 5 and 11. >> i was jane doe 11. >> jane doe no more. two witnesses in a lawsuit filed against bill cosby speaking out. beth ferrier and rebecca neal
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say they were both drugged and sexually assaulted by the famous comedian in 1986 in separate incidents. >> he says not the nice wholesome person that he portrays on his shows. >> it is important for the world to know the truth about how bill cosby hunt immediate like a predator. >> in 2005 both women gave deposition testimony in a sexual assault lawsuit filed by andrea a temple employee at the time. last week portions of the deposition were made public including testimony from cosby admitting he obtained quaaludes in the 1970s to give to women before they had sex. now the cosby accusers say they want the entire deposition transcript to be released. >> we are concerned that his partial testimony, if believed can cause reputational damage to both of my clients. >> neal says she met cosby at a
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fitness club in nevada where she was a masseuse. ferrier says she went to denver to meet cosby where he allegedly slipped drugs into her coffee. she claims the deposition shows cosby admitted to using his celebrity status to stop a story that was set to run in the "national inquirer" regarding her allegations against him. she also has a message for cosby's wife camille, who so far has publicly stood by her husband. >> camille, please it's time. we're telling the truth. this is the time -- she needs to support us. >> bill cosby, who is now 77 years old, has never been charged with a crime. now the request to unseal the entire deposition is actually deposition before the very same judge, monica who okayed these portions and excerpts to be released last week. live in the satellite center sharrie williams for channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a milton hershey school employee charged with sexually assaulting an 8-year-old girl.
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the 41 year old was arrested and released on unsecured bail. he and his wife are house parents but have been removed from campus. well, you want to grab your umbrella when you leave home in the morning. in for scattered downpours. and melissa magee joins us with more on the weather headed our way. a little wet, huh? >> not just wet tomorrow but even in the mild half of our workweek, and the radar is pretty quiet right now across the delaware and lehigh valleys much we wide out the picture, unsettled weather to the south and west and through the ohio valley. from richmond, virginia to charlotte. it is bypassing us but more activity in the midwest and the ohio valley. and tapping into a piece of the moisture going throughout the day tuesday. futuretracker showing you the moisture coming through the ohio valley and continues to work its way eastward. by 3:30 in the afternoon a
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scattering of activity of the showers and storms popping up across the region. talking about what's ahead. not only the showers and storms ahead but oppressive humidity. today was relative quiet and calm as far as the humidity is concerned. but you will notice the difference when you step outdoors tomorrow. and with that said we have the tropical downpours which could lead to localized flooding. a closer look in an exclusive accuweather forecast. and new jersey governor chris christie seeking federal disaster aide following last month's storm leaving thousands in the dark for days. june 23 a macroburst badged homes when winds brought down trees and power lines. in damage estimate in $15 million. and the governor first criticized for not offering assistance when the storm hit. a teenager lucky to be alive
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after a fall at a popular swimming spot. and they took the boy to children's hospital and that is where dann cuellar joins us live. >> the 14-year-old reported in stable condition, alert and conscious after flown to children's. following what the police say is a popular but dangerous summer pastime. chopper 6 hd over the scene on neshaminy creek near the area of 600 block of high point circle in middletown bucks county. an area popular with kids with a number of cliffs they like to jump off into the creek. in this case a bunch of kids were swinging into the creek from a rope on a cliff 20 feet above when it happened. >> a 14-year-old male either lost his footing on one of the cliffs and fell to the ground underneath approximately a 20-foot drop. >> he was seriously injured and had to be air lifted by the medical hospital to children's hospital in university city. >> he was conscious and alert
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but i guess from the fall he took they weren't taking chances. >> emergency responders had difficult time getting to the 14-year-old a heavily wooded area with lots of brush. >> it's very inaccessible area. pretty tough to get to. >> the police say the rope was taken down but they wouldn't be surprised if kids put one back up again. they are urging parents to warn kids not to go back there. >> not an area we can patrol you can't see it from the roadway. not safe to go swimming. you never know the current or the depth of the creek. it takes a little while for emergency responders to get back there when accidents happen. >> in in case it appears the 14-year-old is going to be all right. again, he is reported to be in stable condition, alert and conscious. live here at children's hospital at university city. dann cuellar "action news." a fall claimed the life of a delaware county man tonight. the action cam on reservation
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road in drexel hill. a 52-year-old man cutting down a large tree in front of his yard. the ladder apparently gave way, sending him feet-first into the tree and several feet to the ground below. he was pronounced dead just before 10:00 p.m. at crozer-chester medical center. a guilty verdict for a man prosecutors say was dragracing right before a crash that killed a mother and her three children. 23 year old khusen akhmedov convicted of third degree murder for the incident. the police say he was racing ahmen holloman on roosevelt boulevard when he hit the family as they crossed the street. holloman pleaded guilty last week. and akhmedov will be sentenced in october facing a maximum of 80 to 160 years in a state correctional institution. police in new castle county delaware arrested a teenager for allegedly shooting a man in wilmington. police say the 15-year-old and the 27-year-old victim were acquaintances and had gotten into several verbal
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altercations. the shooting happened about 5:30 this morning at edge moore gardens. the victim shot several times but has been released from the hospital. tomorrow afternoon, president obama will be in philadelphia to speak at the naacp's national meeting. he is expected to address criminal justice reform and layout some ideas for change. it comes after the cut of prison sentence of 46 non-violent offenders one from delaware sentenced to 20 years in prison for carrying more than 250 grams of crack cocaine while on probation for a previous trafficking conviction. starting next monday you can purchase special rail passes to use during pope francis' visit. there are limited rails running september 26 and 27. septa says trains will either stop at jefferson station or 30th street. they will not stop at suburban stations. and the pass will cost you $10 and you must specify your home
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station and select a window of time when you will be traveling. limiting how many passes are available to keep crowds consistent with capacity. you can also get updates on the pope's visit on the world meeting of families following 6abc pope on twitter. the archbishop is standing by the school leaders who fired a teacher because she is gay and married. saying that school leaders showed character and common sense. the church opposes gay marriage and he says that board members were just being honest about the church's teachings. margie winters was fired last month even though she disclosed in 2007 that she is in a same-sex marriage. and video of the former eagles' quarterback donovan mcnabb dui arrest. >> any recent head injuries. >> listen, i played football. >> i know who you are. you are going to be under arrest for dui.
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>> i rear-ended a vehicle but it was the second dui arrest in years, and fox sports suspended him indefinitely. and a cab rear-ended a truck creating a hazmat situation. and it happened about 6:15. the armored truck was towed from the scene, no one hurt. tonight, a group of folks gathered calling for violence to stop in their neighborhood. holding a safety walk in the grays ferry neighborhood and joined by the police and councilwoman. and it started at the playground where a man was shot to death on south 30th street. police are still searching for the suspect. waiting to find out when crescentville park will reopen. firefighters called to this playground in the 600 block of garland street this afternoon because of a fire. now authorities tell "action news" that children were playing with some matches and the mulch caught on fire spreading to at
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least one slide. fortunately no one was injured. tonight the national marion anderson resident museum and historical society unveiled an oil painting of the famed singer. it was created in 1938. "the marion" was at a family trust until tonight when it was seen publicly for the first time. the painting now on display at the national marion anderson residency in center city. still to come on "action news," eric garner died after new york city police put him in a choke hold. tonight his family reached a monetary settlement. a twist in what people call the real life gone girl. kidnapped for random and some call it a hoax and the f.b.i. says it is not the case. the temperatures in philadelphia were in the upper 80s but the heat is on across the midwest. we let you know if any of the
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heat breaks off and let's our way. details with the accuweather forecast. all right but jonathan papelbon make his latest case for getting out of philly when "action news" continues tonight.
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new york city has reached a $5.9 million settlement with the family of eric garner coming nearly a year after the 43-year-old died here in police custody. garner stopped outside of a convenience store july 17 for selling loose cigarettes. the video shows him telling police officers to leave him alone and refusing to be hand cuffed. when he was taken down in what appears to be a choke hold. he has asthma and told them he couldn't breathe before he lost consciousness and died. and a kidnapping case compared to the movie "gone
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girl" denise huskins and her boyfriend appeared at a news conference shortly after the police arrested matthew muller that the local police said never happened. huskins told officers that someone broke into her home drugged her boyfriend and kidnapped her for ransom. and then they later let her go. >> if you know my daughter you know she was in no way shape or form involved in a hoax. can you imagine being kidnapped and then people are on you for committing the crime? >> and matthew muller was a harvard-trained lawyer and the lawyers for the couple say there is a long road to justice ahead. 15 high-profile republicans running for u.s. president and the latest wisconsin governor scott walker. >> i am running for president to fight and win for the american people.
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>> saying he will set himself apart as a harley-riding washington outsider. a proven leader that can get things done. now all momentum is with donald trump and surging in the polls and drawing big crowds. and also getting condemned for the controversial comments on the legal immigration. republicans are worried that trump is hurting the party's outrich to his tan-- hispanics. >> and donald trump and any the others can speak for themselves. i will lay ourt -- out what i am for. >> and his challenge now is to emerge as a front-runner nationally. and 50 cent having money trouble. the rapper filed for bankruptcy today. on friday he was ordered to pay $5 million to a women back in 2009 he leaked a tape of her and her boyfriend and then added crude comments. the bankruptcy filing list both of his assets and liabilities between $10 and $50 million.
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and he had success with vitamin water movie and tv projects. the popularity of soccer pretty high right now following the women's world cup win. and nine years of data on 3 million incidents of children participating in a soccer or practice game and there are only 1,000 records of concussions and most are from contact between the players and not the ball. fewer than a third related to heading. still, the study suggests that parents don't need to be overly concerned but should know the signs of a concussion. and cecily is off, and melissa magee is here. and i think a lot of folks are going to get wet tomorrow. >> tracking showers and storms scattered throughout and also building humidity factor as well. talking about that. stormtracker live double scan showing it is dry and quiet across most of the delaware and lehigh valleys. and spot showers earlier today in south jersey. those are moving offshore so
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showing you the picture outside. the action cam outside earlier tonight looking at the oval on this monday night. partly to mostly cloudy skies. a gorgeous shot of city hall as well in the distance as you are traveling down the ben franklin parkway. pretty comfortable conditions overhead with the southearly wind. 75 in surf city and middle 70s in cape may. and widening out the temperature city at this hour. the poconos 66. out to the west in lancaster 69. and 74 there in dover. let's check out the humidity scale the dewpoint. the level of moisture in the atmosphere. and relatively comfortable for the month of july with the dewpoint numbers in the lower 60s. changing tomorrow, up to 70 degrees. and looking at the numbers it is oppressive across our region and still fairly high as you get into wednesday. and you notice some relief coming getting into thursday and friday. pleasant air overhead getting into the days.
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and showing you quiet across the atlantic city region and tracking the cluster. and it is bypassing us south and east. the energy tuesday moving out of the midwest. and is a severe thunderstorm watches are posted for the region. working eastward for tuesday. and futuretracker 6 timing out the day. 7:30 cloudy and so much building warmth and humidity can't rule out a spot shower early in the day. once we get into the heating of the day, by noon the showers are firing up across the region. not everyone will see them but where they do fire be on the lookout for localized flooding and heavy rainfall. that does look to be the case at 5:00 tomorrow evening. we talk about what to expect. tracking the scattered showers and storms. not just tomorrow but even the middle half of our workweek. they are slow-moving at that. locally finding 1-3 inches of rainfall which can lead to
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flooding and ponding on the roadways. down the shore tomorrow, breaks of sunshine, maxing out at 830 in surf city 79 in cape may, and rehoboth beach warmer 87. bethany beach 88. and the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast it is humid tomorrow. and the high temperature up to 87 with downpours overhead. the same thing wednesday with high up to 87 degrees. but behind that on thursday it's lower humidity. high temperature 83. the overnight low, 66 degrees. on friday sunny and nice 85. turning more humidity getting into saturday 88. 89 sunday. heating up next monday monica with a high of 90. but have the umbrella on stand by tomorrow. >> thank you. instead of black friday retailer retailer's gearing up. announcing a 20 anniversary
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event for amazon. and walmart announced it. and target announcing another event on their website. the discounts are a bit different. think of summer items like shorts and patio
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>> ducis here with sports. the question for the phillies will he this keep him? >> he wants out of here in the worst way. jonathan papelbon not shy of speaking his mind even if it riles people up. the lone all-star representative, if he is still a phillie following the trade deadline he won't be happy. he said if this decision was solely on my shoulders i would have been gone long ago. another quote, if i am still with philly i will play for myself and my own name and my own career and my own stats and all that. does that sound selfish? i am guesses it is a rhetorical
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question. the home run derby. todd frazier in his own park makes it to the finals against peterson. and the winner bonus time. from toms river, the second player to win in his own stadium. and ryne sandberg the sorry. and yost managing the a.l. squad and and it never gets old from a manager's perspective. it is mind-blowing though work with and manage so much talent in one place. >> it is really hard decisions. for me i think that what got me over the edge is that we have so many first-time all-stars. i think this is a wonderful experience. still ahead, why newly acquired player is happy to be a
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while the sixers deal with the embiid hangover they hope that they will get a jolt. playing in las vegas in the summer league will now play. and acquired in a trade against sacramento he was not surprised when he got the word. >> i knew a trade was a possibility coming into the summer and i knew that the kings were trying to make some moves. it is all part of the business at the end of the day and i am excited to get a new chance to start my career.
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and the may thing for me is being a good basketball player at the end of the day. i think getting the start in philly is a good chance to prove myself in the league. i do and finding their new head coach jordan with the nod after being an assistant in toronto. and nothing makes pan eagles' fan happier than turmoil in dallas. the cowboys may not have dez bryant for the beginning of the season. he told the team if he do the no get a new long-term contract by wednesday he will not report to training camp and will sit out regular-season games. the eagles-cowboys meet in week two. and bryant led the league with tractor-trailers catches. and chip kelly made the term famous and another call -- kelly trying to get in.
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and chip had that last season and hopefully mild a trademark. >> the ultimate copy being copied. a texas woman claims she found jesus. sitting down and feeling depressed and lonely when she realized she is not alone. she looked up and saw this image of jesus in a rusty cow trailer. she says you can see his arms out stretched clearly. inviting anybody who wants to check it out to see for themselves. it made her feel better. "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel 6 and checking the forecast one more time. >> it looks like we will be tracking some showers and storms throughout the day tomorrow. and the humidity will be building as well. take it look at the day. mostly cloudy and there may be a spot shower or thunderstorm overhead. 11 ago 11 a.m. 82. and as the moisture builds 2:00 86 with showers and storms overhead. 5:00 in the evening at 86
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degrees. and keep in mind the showers are scattered about. not everyone will see them. where they do fire up, you can find 1-3 inches of rainfall and localized flooding as well. and keeping you posted throughout the day. and now "jimmy kimmel live" is live. his guests are wanda sykes, jeffery dean morgan and music from thousand horses. and we continue at 4:30. and for the entire "action news" team, i'm monica malpass. make it a good night tonight. ♪♪
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